This Multiple Accounts Feature is probably the 2nd highest requested feature for Instagram(the 1st being views-how many and how), but here’s the problem, we don’t know if it’s a slow roll out or a leaked beta test ?.

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Update: The feature is live for me today, check and see if you got it!!

Original Post:
I saw an update yesterday but there was no mention of this feature, so if a slow roll out, we’ll have to keep our eye on those updates, BUT if the Multiple Account Feature is in beta, it will take time to even roll out.

Now here’s the thing, this info comes from a 3rd party app called latergramme, which already has the ability to switch between accounts, but the apps main purpose is to ‘schedule’ IG posts(even though the ‘scheduling’ isn’t automatically done, latergramme notifies you at the time you scheduled for to go ahead and post that). Latergramme reports that not only will you be able to add accounts, you’ll get notifications that are account specific so you know who and why you’re getting notified! See examples for yourself in the gallery above, I must say I am very excited to use this Multiple Accounts Feature, but if they(IG) doesn’t that views feature(how many and who) then #Snapchat will be where the majority of where the activity is(for now).