_Con Man Disguised Himself As NYPD Cop So He Can Rob People
Police are now searching for a man they believe is responsible for the death of a woman and her child. The man stabbed the mother of his child and three of her daughters leaving one of them dead and the other two injured.

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23-year-old Michael Sykes, actually called his mother and told her that he was going to kill his girlfriend and then himself. His girlfriend, 25-year-old Rebecca Cutler was pronounced dead at the hospital after being stabbed by Sykes at the Ramada Inn located in Staten Island. One of Cutler’s three daughters also died as a result of the stabbing. The age of the three girls were 2, 1 ½ and 5 months old. One of the baby girls belong to Sykes. What sick person could do this to his baby and the mother of his child? Authorities were not really suppose to speak on this case due to anonymity.

Source: TimesDaily