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Boxing for a long time has been controlled by two promotional companies, Golden Boy and Top Rank.  50 Cent (along with Jay Z) tried to change that by creating his own company, SMS Promotions.  It was supposed to be done with his friend Floyd Mayweather but the two fell out and Floyd moved forward with The Money Team and 50 on his own with SMS Promotions.  50’s promotional company didn’t last very long and filed for bankruptcy in May of last year.  In 2012, Billy Dib signed a three-year multi-fight contract with 50 Cent.  Now Dib in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, says he was paid only a fraction of what he was owed by 50 Cent over six fights, and while he won’t go into specifics on the numbers, it was estimated to be around $1 million.  50 Cent caught wind of the article and fired back at Dib on his Instagram account.

via The Daily Telegraph:

“We have no promotional ties, and thank God I’ve finally gotten away from 50 Cent,” Dib said.

“A lot of people would say ‘Why do you want to get away from 50 Cent, that would be amazing’, but it’s not amazing, it was very disheartening, sleepless nights, you wake up for phone calls and the guy would never answer his phone, it was possibly the worst career move that I’ve made in my life.

“My career was skyrocketing, things were going amazing, and then unfortunately – and when I say unfortunately I really do mean unfortunately — I signed for 50 Cent, who basically knew nothing about the sport of boxing,” Dib said.

50 Cent took to Instagram and revealed that Dib was a horrible fighter who got knocked out.  50 says he didn’t take a dime of Dib’s money.

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