Oh man…TDE President Dave Free fires back at Jay Electronica after he made comments about Kendrick saying he is “his son”. Ok. Hit the jump.

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After Kendrick swept the rap categories of the Grammy awards, Jay Electronica was probably feeling more salty than ever and Dave Free (Kendrick’s label boss) stepped to K. Dot’s aid.

“Damn you still mad about control @JayElectronica ?? #sadman”

Jay than responded with “@miyatola @ElliottWilson watch your mouth stay off the swine and get knowledge of self. your mans wack. dont make me crumble your whole shit”

With Mr. Free ending it with “?? Ok Mr. @JayElectronica lol #desperatehousewives”

Wonder what has got Mr. Electronica so upset at Kendrick for?

Photos of the tweets are in the gallery above.