ifwt_Kanye West MAIN

Kanye West is having a weird time. In between SNL meltdowns, Twitter rants and his album being bootlegged at a rapid rate, he’s now having his team remove entire YouTube accounts over perfectly legal performance footage from years past – some dating back as far as 8 years ago!

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has been going hard in their take-down efforts, and those affected include notable names in the blogging industry, including Miss Info, Nigel D. and Chicago’s own FakeShoreDrive. While some are only having specific videos be removed, other accounts have gotten deleted entirely, causing them to lose years worth of valuable footage.

Could it be Ye specifically? TIDAL? Hmm! Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Check out tweets from a few of those affected in the gallery.

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Spotted: HHNM