While fans patiently await the arrival of the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me, the film’s director Benny Boom sat down with XXL mag to reveal some of the highs and lows to making a film about such an iconic artist. Boom also opened up about the deeper meaning behind the film and his choice to the cast of Demetrius Shipp Jr. as the legendary West Coast rapper.

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Boom stated; “Demetrius 1,000 percent embodies everything that Tupac did,” explaining, “Sometimes I have to go back and just look to remember like “Oh, this is Tupac,” and not get lost in Demetrius’ portrayal of Tupac because he’s doing it so well.”

He also spoke on the chance to direct the film and what it means to him. “To be able to direct a film about the most iconic, I would say first off, the most iconic hip-hop figure. That’s No. 1. [Tupac] is the Elvis Presley of our generation. He is Beethoven to the 15th, 16th century,” he said. “He is the artist. So, to be able to direct to have the opportunity to direct the film about him, is big for anyone. Anyone who would have gotten this chance to direct the film, I think this is a high point for them. No matter where they came from or what other films they’ve done before.”

So far we don’t have a release date for ‘All Eyez On Me‘, however Boom gave us a few hints. “There’s some legal things when you say that there’s a movie coming out, but that information will hit very shortly and everyone will know,” he said. “Just know we are very much aware of the anniversary and the history of things and we have that in mind.”

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