Uh-oh! Trouble at The Empire huh? Apparently there is one Empire star who now feels like the character he is playing is ‘beneath him!’ Anyone wanna take a guess? Well if you guessed Andre you are correct! Trai Byers, who plays Cookie and Luscious’s oldest son is not really feeling his character anymore.

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A source released the information that Byers says the Andre character is beneath him. The source says,

“He feels that he studied at Yale and he’s a ‘true thespian’ . . . The character is beneath him. He has an idea of himself as being this big Shakespearean actor.”

Byers feels as though he needs to be just as important as he was when the show first started. Byers reportedly had a fit while on set saying “[he doesn’t] get to do enough, I might leave.”
Producers sure as hell held the door open for him telling him if he wants to leave he can because they do not need him. Empire is filled with great characters so the lost of one just might not be that damaging to the show.

The source added,

“He thinks he has the acting chops of Taraji and Terrence. He doesn’t get how the show benefits him, and he feels he has way too much talent when he’s not the star by any means.”

Byers wad reportedly up for the new Muhammad Ali movie. He was very confident that he had got the role. Upon finding out that he didn’t, he fired his team! For now, we know that it is the last week of filming for the Empire season and Byers has not quit or been fired. So as of now, there will be a Andre Lyons on the show. For nor Byers has responded to any of the allegations.