Chris Brown x Nessa

Chris Brown is shooting back (no pun intended) at a man who was shot at his concert about over a year ago in San Jose. The guy who was shot (like several who’ve been to Breezy concerts) is of course trying to get money out of him and Brown now is firing back saying it’s not his responsibility. Full story after the jump.

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Paul Briley, the victim, claims in a lawsuit that it is in fact Breezy’s problem because he attracts violence and should’ve had better security (ok well if you know he attracts violence than why would you go and put yourself in harm’s way??).

Briley is trying to put all eyez on Chris by saying there’s been 2 incidents where people have been seriously hurt during his performances. Another shooting was at a show in West Hollywood at 1OAK. Two people were shot, one of whom was Suge Knight.

Chris is responding by saying it’s not his fault Briley was shot, rather the club’s responsibility to have better security. Breezy is also saying it’s unfair to say there have been 2 shootings at his concerts, saying the 1 OAK incident was not ‘his’ concert – he was just hosting.

Brown is optimistic that the judge will just dismiss the case.