IFWT_Kevin Durant

The Washington Wizards, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams mentioned as a possible destination for Kevin Durant.  New York Knicks fans have held out hope that there might be a small chance to land the major upcoming free agent but Durant reportedly does not have the Knicks on his list.

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News reported that Carmelo Anthony is ready to put in work and help recruit big free agents.  It’s the same report that showed his interest in Rajon Rondo.  It was also reported that Durant has already ruled the Knicks out as a possible destination.

Forget that the Knicks have an unresolved situation at coach, they’ll also need to get creative with the roster just to free up enough cap space for a max free agent. A source told The News that the biggest fish in the summer pond, Kevin Durant, does not consider the Knicks as a destination.

If it makes anyone feel better, Durant says the media has been making up rumors and he’s denied pretty much all of them so yea…

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