While Kesha continues to battle it out with producer Dr. Luke in court, attempting to get out of her recording contract on claims he has sexually assaulted and manipulated her over the course of their working relationship, her mother is now speaking out.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Kesha’s mother, Rosemary “Pebe” Sebert, compared her daughter’s working relationship with Dr. Luke to that of a prisoner. “It was like someone who beats you every day and hangs you from a chain and then comes in and gives you a piece of bread,” Pebe said. “Luke would say, ‘You look nice today,’ and send her into ­hysterics of happiness because she was programmed to expect nothing but abuse.”

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Just last month a judge ruled that Kesha can continue to record with other producers under the SONY umbrella, and she doesn’t need to be released from her contract to do so. Kesha’s mom confirmed the ruling saying, despite working with other producers, Dr. Luke still has input on her work. She said, “He gets to approve of anyone she works with,” adding “He has final say over everything.”

Pebe explained she encouraged her daughter to come forward about the abuse claims a long time ago however Kesha was still fighting for a chance in the music industry. She said, “I wanted Kesha to come forward a long time ago and end this relationship with Dr. Luke immediately after the [alleged] rape,” adding “But if she wanted to have a shot at the music business, she had no choice but [to work with him].”

Despite all the legal troubles and back and forth in court, Kesha’s mom reports, she’s doing much better since coming forward. She’s gained countless supporters, including Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson and is on a path to healing. “Kesha is so much better now,” she said. “She wasn’t comfortable with having to do this, but I think she realized as this thing progressed that she can advocate for sexual abuse or other things. The fact that she is at peace with that has really been healing.”

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