Yup. Cali’s own Game is about to drop his own line of cannabis products, after teaming up with a local known company, G FarmaBrands, that specializes in marijuana-based products for medical and adult use. Hit the jump for the intel.

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Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands said:

“As an award-winning recording artist, star and icon, The Game embodies the true spirit of the marijuana culture.”

And that he does. Game is gonna launch “G Stiks” and a line of marijuana-infused lemonade beverages called “G Drinks,” which will come in flavors of original, pink, and strawberry.

The G Stiks will be cone-shaped cannabis cigarettes and are currently available in six different blends. Both products were crafted to match The Game’s personal taste. Gotta play the game.

All products will soon be available throughout the states of California and Washington. On G FarmaBrands, Game stated:

“These guys are the pioneers of innovation in the cannabis industry. I’m excited to help raise awareness for G Stiks and G Drinks in all territories that we are available.”

(I’m sure Game worded it just like that too lol.)