1st Bernie, Senator Hillary Clinton was a special guest on Hot 97??. In a phone interview, Clinton called into the “Ebro In the Morning” radio show to address and clarify concerns regarding the 1994 Crime Bill, criminal reform, and the Black Lives Matter Protesters who spoke out at a Hillary Clinton Rally in Philadelphia this past Thursday.

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In the past, Clinton has referred to gangs of children as “Super Predators” with no conscience and no empathy. Once on-air, Ebro addressed the Senator by first asking Clinton for her take on her “Super Predators” comment.

“It certainly makes me feel sad… I’ve spent my whole adult life trying to protect young people, trying to even the odds, and trying to give them better opportunities. I’ll never use that word again” said Clinton. According to Hillary Clinton, there was both a positive and negative outcome from the original bill, however if elected, one of her initial plans of action, is to work on criminal reform. She openly admitted that there were a few faults in the bill, and discussed ways to improve and reform it. “There were provisions that didn’t work, that had bad effects, and took too many people away from their homes. I want to address criminal reform and give people more chances to stay out of the system,” said Clinton.

Although Clinton has apologized publicly, Ebro explained that some people are still not accepting her apology, and that her husband, Bill Clinton, seemed upset when addressing the protesters. The senator was able to clarify her husband’s stance during the rally in the radio interview this morning. Watch the video below for the full interview.