Rap Artist “Lil Kim” recently linked up with writer Elias Leight to discuss her new mix tape “Lil Kim Season“. In the interview, Leight asks Kim about her increased singing on the project. Kim responded by stating a little known hip hop fact about how she first rode in the auto tune lane back in 2000 on her second studio album ” The Notorious K.I.M.” Find out which track after the jump.

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With her new mix-tape “Lil Kim Season” out in the mix, The Queen Diva “Lil Kim” sat down and chopped it up with writer Elias Leight. In the interview Kim reminds us that she has been an entire step ahead her entire career. Even mentioning how she used auto tune long before it was a commercial success in hip hop. When people think of auto tune the first artist that comes to mind of course is T-Pain. T-Pain is thought to be the artist who brought the instrument mainstream success with his hit song “sprung”. Lil Kim however utilized the tool back on her second album “The Notorious Kim” 16 years ago.

Everyone needs to go back and remember my older music. I even used Auto-Tune back when no one even was touching it – I used it on The Notorious K.I.M., on a song called “I’m Human.” I sang on all my albums; this is nothing new to me. It’s just that people haven’t heard from me in a while, so they only remember most of the singles that were put out. People need to remember how different every song I put out [was]. “Kitty Box” sounds like something that would be out now. I was ahead of my time, all the time.