Lil Kim The First To Use Auto Tune??

Rap Artist “Lil Kim” recently linked up with writer Elias Leight to discuss her new mix tape “Lil Kim Season“. In the interview, Leight asks Kim about her increased singing on the project. Kim responded by stating a little known hip hop fact about how she first rode in the auto tune lane back in 2000 on her second studio album ” The Notorious K.I.M.” Find out which track after the jump. BreadFox Instagram || Twitter

T-Pain Says Hip Hip Is In Need Of ‘Original Content’

The Jack of all trades that is T-Pain, has taken to his latest interview to discuss how he is ready to show Hip Hop and the world, that they are in need of his work. Pain revealed that he is not pressed to put out an album, and that the original content/creativity within his music should speak for itself. Check out a clip of the audio below.

(Video) T-Pain Defends Future’s Constant Use Of Auto-Tune & Denies Any Beef!

There has been some serious friction between T-Pain and Future throughout the years, but apparently all of that beef has been squashed and thrown under the rug (or so we think). During a recent interview with Rap-Up, the Auto-Tune King defended Future for always using the voice changing effect in all of his music. “I’m down with it. I like it. I totally like it. People always ask me how I feel. I’m flattered. I feel like that’s what’s working because I made it work,” said T-Pain. Watch the video clip below.

Whoa! WHO Wrote A Diss Track To T-Pain?!

T-Pain and Kanye West worked together pretty often a while back, collaborating on hit singles like “Good Life” and hitting the studio together to work on Yeezy’s album, 808s & Heartbreak. However, things aren’t all good between them. In part 42743057203 of his sitdown with Vlad TV (I’m cleeearly exaggerating but really…how many parts are there going to be?!) Teddy Pain explains exactly why he wouldn’t buy baby North West a gift. Aw, Yeezy was a bully! LOL!

#DJFunkFlexApp #NEWMUSIC: T-Pain – Sh*t (Remix)

T-Pain flexes over Future’s track and addresses everything from his recent comeback to his auto-tune rivalry with Future Hendrix. Auto-tune beef? Peep below.

Future’s “Honest” Album Is Pushed Back & He’s Admits Miley Cyrus Is The Homie!

“It’s more personal,” says Future about his next to release album, Honest. We can look forward to the artists’ truth telling later than sooner. Originally, the album was to drop, November 26, but now December is when we can expect it. We get the deets on who’s on the album – Nicki Minaj and yours truly, Miley Cyrus. “I worked on the Miley Cyrus, when we were working on her project, her album, me and Mike [WiLL Made It] was working, writing a couple joints on her album,” Future says. Miley seems to be the “homie,” Future adds. Another one of those supporting rappers?! While talking to HuffPost as well as Sway on RapFix, Future also expresses how, “perfect” he and Ciara are together and his use of auto-tune. Hit the jump and check it out.

(Video) Are These The Top Auto-tune Songs Of 2013?!

This trend is still going, and it’s doubtful we’ll hear the end of the auto-tune trend anytime soon. Pepsi has compiled the best auto-tune songs of 2013 thus far. Do you agree these are the best? Check them out after the jump.

(Video) It Was Only A Matter Of Time… Charles Ramsey’s Interview Has Been Autotuned!

You knew it was going to happen eventually. The now-infamous interview Charles Ramsey gave to reporters after saving 3 women from their 10-year-long kidnapping has been autotuned! Listen to the “new song” below.

(Video) Rocko Calls Out T-Pain “Hater & Disrepectful”

I mean, we’ve heard the story, but now, Rocko is actually calling names. After T-Pain basically called Future a boot-leg version of himself, Rocko decided that he wasn’t into that madness at all. “I don’t know why he would say that about my brother,” Rocko says. The rapper then proceeds to say that the “I’m in Love with a Stripper” singer/auto-tuner was a hater and very mush disrespectful. Listen for yourself, below. Hit the jump.

(Video) WHOA !!! Who Beat Out Kendrick Lamar For Hottest MC In The Game RIGHT NOW ?!?!

Yo, twitter is buzzin’. Seems like Elliot Wilson poured up and drank before he did this “truth”. I don’t care what time and moment we are in right now, later on, or back then, but Future beating out Kendrick Lamar should never happen. Don’t get me wrong I love Future and YES, he has talent, but his talent does not exceed Kendrick’s. Besides they have two different styles, so there shouldn’t even be any comparison. Since he’s hit the auto-tune button, Future hasn’t rapped as much lately any how. Drop down bottom, check out the video and let us know what are your thoughts on this decision.

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