Justin Bieber is set to perform in Cleveland on April 26th at the Quicken Loans arena, as part of his “Purpose” tour. It just so happens that game five of the Cavaliers opening round playoff matchup with the Pistons is scheduled for the same day in that arena. So now it’s Bron vs Bieber for arena supremacy but this is a fight Bieber can’t win.


Now, obviously if the Cavs sweep the Pistons then none of this will be an issue because there will be no need for a game five on the 26th but Detroit doesn’t plan on making it that easy.

Justin Bieber fans now find themselves basketball followers rooting for a Cavaliers sweep of the Detroit Pistons.

Bieber’s nearly sold-out PURPOSE world tour is scheduled to kick off at 7:30 p.m. April 26 at the Quicken Loans Arena around the same time Cavs fans would be finding their ways to their seats for a potential Game 5 in the first-round of the playoffs against the Pistons.

Cavs officials say should the Game 5 be necessary in seven-game series — the NBA by contract trumps any other scheduled event at the arena and the tip off will go off sans any Beliebers in the stands.

The concert is already sold out and since the Pistons already beat the Cavs three times this season, you can expect them to at least get one game in this series, which will mean alot of unhappy Bieber fans looking for refunds.

Then again, Bron turns into a monster during the playoffs and it is also possible he and his teammates make short work of the Pistons.