The infamous rap beef between 50 Cent & Ja Rule comes to a new head, now after Chris Gotti reveals that Ja Rule kind of “beat up” 50 at a video shoot back when. He also claims 50 ran away once he saw Murder Inc. coming. Hit the jump for the full details.

Frankie Zing

First he went off about 50 allegedly filing paperwork for an order of protection against Irv Gotti, Chris’ brother:

“First and foremost, with paperwork, no one’s gonna fake paperwork. Who cares? At the end of the day, no one cares. No one’s gonna fake the paperwork…I heard [50’s] baby mother saying that she was at the precinct when he did the report to get the order of protection. So, she’s not lying. And it was real. Both of those things I know to be true.”

Than he really gets into detail about how the fight actually went down between Fif & Ja:

“Ja and 50 walk off, talking. Rule got that big voice. You hear him ‘I don’t know you. Why are you making these records?’ 50 snuffed [punched] him. You wanna hear the real story? Ja took the snuff.Takes him. Has his shirt over his head. Hitting ’em right back. [50] Gets out of his shirt and he starts running. We’re all on the way. [50] gets away. That’s what happened that day.”

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