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Virtual Private Networks, or VPN for short, are popular among those who would rather have privacy and anonymity when on their computers. However, most VPN services have their costs, including ones that appear to be free. But it looks like the web browser, Opera, has integrated a free VPN into it’s software.

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The way a VPN works is it routes a user’s internet traffic through separate servers located across the world, making it difficult for governments and hackers to monitor your web traffic. It can also enable users to access content that may be geo-restricted depending on their country. For example, trying to access a video or website that might be banned in your country.

Statistics from the Global Web Index found that more than half a billion people tried or are currently using VPNs, and that the service is very popular among young people too. This is most likely because many online gamers are known to use VPNs to protect them from DDoS attacks on their network.

To use the new VPN service on Opera you need to download the developer version of Opera and activate the VPN feature in their preferences menu.

Source: The Verge