It’s lit. According to 88 year old, leading Rabbi, Chaim Kanievsky, Cannabis is considered Kosher, therefore safe to consume during passover. Spark up my Jewish friends.. spark up.

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Put down that lighter for just a second though, theres a few things left to mention. Ashkenazi Jews, like Rabbi Kanievsky, consider weed to be the same category as rice, lentils, and peas. The only reason why Kanievky is blessing the plant and saying that it is Kosher is because of its medicinal purposes. Rabbi Efraim Zalmanovich, for instance, once said:

“Taking drugs to escape the world is certainly forbidden, but people using it for medical reasons are using it in a Kosher way.”

Weed is currently illegal in Israel but it’s still used for several people who are ill, especially Parkinson’s patients and people going through chemo. And now that the medicinal marijuana has some type of religious backing for it, it makes it that much acceptable. Takes notes ‘merica.