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The highly rated Netflix series ‘Narcos’ faces issues with production, due to the fear that is left behind this infamous character, is still alive in Colombia.

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Pablo Escobar, notorious drug lord from Colombia, still terrifies the people of Medellin today. Twenty three years after his death, producers of ‘Narcos’ scramble around trying to find the best place to capture his death for the Netflix series.

Sources from TMZ share, the producers from the series wanted to film on top of the roof of where Pablo Escobar was actually killed by policemen.The producers found the individual who currently lives in the house in order to ask permission to shoot, but were told the individual denied the request out of respect for the community and owners of the house.

Information was also shared that it is still taboo in Medellin to mock Escobar’s memory, due to the deepest ties there. However, the production team was able to create a deal with another individual from Medellin were the two parties agreed to re create the scene on that individual’s roof.

It is unclear when the death episode will air, but yeah spoiler alert, he dies in the series.