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Beyoncé practically broke the internet last night with her HBO special “Lemonade” followed by the releasing of her album on Tidal. One thing in particular however, had social media in shambles.


Rachel Roy takes to Twitter to respond to the Beyhive. Although she doesn’t deny any allegations, she does let the Beyhive know that she “respects love, marriages, families..”

Check the tweet out in the gallery and let us know your thoughts.


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Original Story:

There was no shortage of visuals with messages in the “Lemonade” special. One in particular pointed fingers at one thing, Rachel Roy, at least that’s what we’re all assuming. In the special, Beyoncé referenced “good hair” and “Becky” which leads people to Rachel. Even deeper than that, social media is saying that’s the reason why Solange went wild on Hov in the elevator, was because of his relationship with Rachel. Is this all far fetched? Maybe, but then again, Beyonce’s lyrics may say others.