Oh lord, we got another remake. Hollywood can’t seem to stay out of the past because every day I wake up, I find out theres yet another remake of a classic movie. Unfortunately, not only do they fall short of the original but they’re just plain awful. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson however wants to turn that around as he confirms that he is indeed working on a remake to the cult classic, Jumanji.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The Rock says,

Promise to deliver something cool and special.. and not screw the whole damn thing up;).

He took to his IG to break the news. The Rock wanted to do this film because, Jumanji is one of his favorite movies of all time. His is excitement for this movie, if not already obivous, shows as he says

There’s games you play for fun… then there’s games that change your life. JUMANJI.

His production company Seven Buck Productions, that he co-created, is currently finishing up the script. Jake Kasdan was casted as Director and they are scheduled to start shooting the film this fall. There’s still no word on the Kevin Hart contribution though. That could’ve just been a rumor but one could never really assume.

*Sigh* Hopefully The Rock does this classic movie justice, my childhood has had enough disappointments.