IFWT_LG Fingerprint reader screen

LG just made a small innovation to improve the fingerprint reader in smartphones!

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Fingerprint readers seem to have become a permanent addition to smartphones, giving users the option to add a fingerprint reader as a security measure to access their phone. However the recurring question among smartphone manufacturers is where to include it on the phone?

Some phones like the iPhone and Android place their fingerprint readers in the home button. Other smartphone models have a reader on their backside.

But LG Innotek has a different idea… Why not put it underneath the screen of smartphones?

When I first heard of fingerprint readers being included into smartphones, thats initially where I thought they’d be placed.

LG Innotek announced they’ve developed a new fingerprint sensor that is slotted into a 0.01-inch (0.03 millimeter) space on the underside of a smartphone’s cover glass. This helps free up buttons, pads, and other elements on a smartphone that would otherwise be occupied by a fingerprint reader.

“LG says fingerprint recognition rates on the under-glass module are comparable to button-type sensors and should reduce any smartphone malfunctions, with the added bonus of allowing phones to be made waterproof, or scratch-resistant, or simply designed to look sleeker.”

But what if you crack your screen? Will it still function properly when the screen is cracked?

What if you crack your screen and you get it replaced? Will screen replacers have access to this type of cover screen?

Or what if the screen is replaced with a cover screen that doesn’t have a fingerprint reader included in it? How will people access their phones?

These are important questions.

LG has not announced if they’re using the new cover screen on any of their upcoming devices but there has been rumor the company is communicating with other smartphone manufacturers to commercialize the new fingerprint reader within a year.

Source: The Verge