Tech: LG Is Making a Change To The Fingerprint Reader In Smartphones!

LG just made a small innovation to improve the fingerprint reader in smartphones!

US Government To Drop Blackberry; Blackberry Responds!!

Well, this might be the last of the blackberry user’s, the US Government, But it’s almost over for the once king and 1st of the smartphones! The White house is Finally giving up the keys for that good touch interface!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Is This How You Steal The World’s Slimmest TV?!

LOL, I don’t know that this tactic would ever work again, but I also can’t believe it worked this time, so who knows! The Creepiest Yet Smoothest Flat Screen Theft Ever?!

20 Injured In A Promotional Stunt Gone Wrong For WHICH Tech Company??

It’s mind boggling to think that any team of marketers ever thought an event like this would be a good idea, but in a promotional stunt by LG involving BB guns and knives on sticks, 20 people were injured in Seoul, South Korea. In hindsight, it seems obvious that the event would go awry. LG released 100 helium balloons, each with a voucher for a free LG G2 smartphone attached. The phones, which retail for the equivalent of $851 in the country, would be given to each participant able to pop a balloon. Participants arrived with BB guns and scrambled after the balloons. One participant even arrived with a pointed stick.

LG Officially Announces WHAAAT?!!!

The G2 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and comes with a larger display than its predecessor. The 13MP camera comes with optical image stabilization as well as a 2.1 MP front facing camera. Customers have the choice of either 16 or 32GB internal storage. The G2 is equipped a ton of more cool features and will be available everywhere and along all four major US carriers.

LG Teams Up With Ubitus To Bring THIS To Smart TVs!!!

LG Electronics and Ubitus announced at E3 that GameNow cloud gaming service will be available in the latest lineup of LG Smart TVs. Customer who purchase a new LG Smart TV will can pretty good selection of AAA and massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles.

LG Unveils White Nexus 4!!!!

For a couple of weeks now, leaks of the phone have been popping up in photo shoots and conferences. Now its official, LG finally revealed Nexus 4 in white. The will begin to ship in Hong Kong on May 29. The company plans to ship out the phone in select markets in North America in the coming weeks. TatWza

LG Optimus G Pro Is Coming To What Carrier???

LG has officially confirmed that the new Optimus G Pro is coming to AT&T. The smart phone which has a 5.5-inch will be on shelves on May 10 for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

Would YOU Pay This Much For A TV??

LG is releasing the first ever 55-inch curved OLED display to market this June. The TV is available for preorders with a price tag of $13,500.

WTF!!! LG Building A Waterless Washing Machine?!?!?

LG is planning to build a washing machine that doesn’t use water. How is this possible? Well, Senior Vice President for LG Electronics Home Appliance Division, Kevin Cha, didn’t want to give up the secret of how a washing machine would work with out water or even if its 100% waterless.

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