Natalie Sexton, the CEO of Florida-based juice company Natalie’s Juices, says her sales have gone up since Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade.’ Sexton mentions you really cant drink Lemonade without thinking about Beyonce.

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Sexton says,

“People are drinking lemonade and posting pictures with #Beyoncé. You can’t drink lemonade these days without thinking of her.”

Beyonce truly rings bells. We remember the Red Lobster sales went up due to Beyonce’s name calling.

Matt McLean of Uncle Matt’s juice says,

“Sales are increasing. We’re up about 20 percent. I don’t know if that’s due to Beyoncé or the heat. Maybe it’s Beyoncé. We’d send her some free lemonade — it’s organic!”

Want your business to boom? Have Beyonce mention mention it in her next song.

Source: Complex