Laser tag is changing and virtual reality software is helping make that change for the better!

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The VOID is a virtual reality video game that is set on maximizing the possibilities you can get from virtual reality gaming through full physical engagement.

Much of the virtual reality games out today are still in their early stages of development. Virtual reality developers are still experimenting with the capabilities of VR-gaming.

But it looks like The VOID has found their niche.

The VOID requires a little more than just a VR-headset and a game. Aside from being requiring a VR-gun and vest, The VOID creates an environment in real life for players to physically run around in as they play in the virtual world.

This is a step further than what regular VR experiences offer because The VOID’s gaming technique fully engages users physically, while other VR experiences require minimal movement.

I think the whole thing is pretty cool and has tons of potential to move forward. If and when laser tag is replaced by virtual reality shooters, the possibilities where VR technology can be taken will be endless. The VOID certainly helps makes that so.

Since the experience really requires a person’s full physical engagement, why not create a gym that is centered around VR gaming. The intensity of your workout would be determined by the game’s difficulty setting.

Thats just one idea I have though.

Source: The VOID