After hearing someone call you Eddie Murphy’s and Prince’s bitch, I’m pretty sure you would’ve sued too. Sinead O’Conor recently said that Arsenio Hall is to blame for Prince’s death because he was Prince’s dealer for all of these years, feeding his addition. Arsenio Hall answers with a good ole’ fashion $5 million lawsuit.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

Sinead O’Connor took it to to her Facebook page, days ago, to write the defaming post about Arsenio Hall. Among the other things that she him criticized for, she also says that Hall has been reported to the Carver County Sheriff’s Department.

Arsenio didn’t waste any time, as he immediately clapped back, calling Sinead O’Connor “a desperate attention seeker” and stated that he and O’Connor haven’t even seen each other in about 25 years. He says,

“She is well known for her media antics and for seeking attention through inflammatory Facebook posts.”

Speaking of, this is not the first time something outlandish about Prince came from Sinead O’Conor. Two years ago she claimed that Prince abused her way back when her cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U” was released. An argument erupted over that song and things got really physical. That was never proven true or false but, people have questioned her stories over the years.