Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O’Conor For Blaming Prince’s Death On Him

After hearing someone call you Eddie Murphy’s and Prince’s bitch, I’m pretty sure you would’ve sued too. Sinead O’Conor recently said that Arsenio Hall is to blame for Prince’s death because he was Prince’s dealer for all of these years, feeding his addition. Arsenio Hall answers with a good ole’ fashion $5 million lawsuit.

(Video) Arsenio Hall Talks Hip Hop’s Influence And Says ‘Hip Hop Saved My Life’

Legend Arsenio Hall, sat down with Vlad TV to reminisce on his earlier inspirations, interviews including Will Smith and LL Cool J and says ‘Basically hip Hop saved my life. Hip Hop gave me a career’. Hall continued on to state that his passion for the culture, and the disaproval of Hip Hop from others such as Don Cornellius and Oprah allowed him to gain exposure within the Hip Hop community. Check out the full interview!

(Video) Arsenio Hall Reflects On Interviewing Tupac, Says His Personality Was A “Unique Contradiction”

A lot of Tupac news has surfaced lately with a previously unheard phone convo with a friend popping up on the web, an LAPD officer revealing his last words and his cousin raising about $15 million for a movie in which he plans to reveal the rapper’s true life story, plus a broadway show based off his music rocking the stage this summer. Now, after The Arsenio Hall Show was just recently cancelled, Arsenio spoke with VladTV about his experiences with the deceased rap legend. Find out what he had to say after the jump!

(Video) Classic: Arsenio Hall Reminisces On How Mad He Was When Had To Interview Vanilla Ice

Arsenio Hall has taken to VladTV to discuss his thoughts on Hip Hop Culture, and reminisced on a moment he is not too proud of to this day! Arsenio revealed to DJ Vlad that the day he had to interview “Hip Hop artist” Vanilla Ice he was very angry prior, and when he began reading up on him he became even more dissapointed. Check out the full interview below!

(Photos) What?! The Arsenio Hall Show Officially Cancelled !!

Say it ain’t so!! A fter weeks of speculation, despite renewing the show for Season 2 in February after securing a two-year deal with the Tribune stations pre-launch, The Arsenio Hall Show will not continue on for its second season! It was announced Friday that the show has come to a end. *Sighs* Check out the released statement below!

(Video) Nice!! Arsenio Hall Chimes In On Race And Hip-Hop!!

First and foremost, you should know that Arsenio Hall is as important to mainstream hip-hop as your favorite radio station. He was one of, if not, the first late night show hosts to showcase rappers on his show. So it’s only right for the music world to listen in the few times that he critiques various aspects of the culture. Check out what he has to say about bars and race in hop-hop.

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