London has elected a new mayor and his name is Sadiq Khan. He is a 45 year old member of the Labour Party; a London liberal political party. The election comes as a milestone as Khan is the first Muslim to be elected as mayor for the western city. In fact, Khan is the first practicing Muslim Mayor of a major western capitol city. More on this soon to be household name after the jump.

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Sadiq Khan is the new Mayor of London. He is a practicing Muslim and also the child of Pakistani Immigrants. He went from rags to riches; growing up in three bedroom public housing apartment. After completing his law studies, Khan joined a civil liberties group and was elected to Parliment in 2005. This shows a transition of change for the culture of the western world. With tensions high in the western world due to recent terrorist attacks it is great to see a thing like this. It shows that the people of the western world will not allow terrorists to dictate their views on the Muslim people. Even so much so that they have put the hope and future of one of their major cities in the hand of a practicing Muslim mayor of their own. Congratulations to Saidq Khan, Mayor elect of London, England.