IFWT_Microsoft mind reading touchscreen

Microsoft had researchers combine features in smartphones today to create a new type of touchscreen that can predict what you will do.

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Tech companies have been spending years researching how to change finger touching behavior when we interact with our smartphones. Google and Apple are namely two companies who have been actively researching ways to innovate this feature on many devices. Google’s approach was to use big data to stockpile information from a user’s touch behavior over time. Apple leaned more towards researching the detection of force in a screen tap.

Now Microsoft has stepped in to solve the touchscreen dilemma.

Microsoft put together a smartphone that takes some of Google’s big data pre-recognition and Apple’s force touch sensitivity. The smartphone takes big data from user touch behavior along with the force touch feature to detect how someone is gripping the phone to predict where you finger is about to tap the screen next.

“It depends on a special kind of touchscreen that can sense the electrical disruption caused by a finger approaching the glass, as well as pressure sensors around the edge of the device.”

This technology isn’t anything new. Much of the mentioned features are already present in many smartphones we own today. However, the cost for developers and researchers to make this type of screen produced on a mass scale will be greater than the parts itself.

This innovation in touchscreen technology is something I’ve been anticipating for smartphones to come. Theres been many instances where I’ll be using my phone and I’ll just wish my phone knew what I wanted it to do before I actually had to go and press something to make that happen. Anyone else have the same feeling?

Source: Fast Codesign