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Lazertouch is a mini projector that operates on an android system and works similar to a tablet except the touchscreen becomes any surface you choose!

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Devices that turn surfaces into interactive interfaces are something we’ve probably seen before in a game we’ve played or in a Sci-Fi. Well it looks like that same technology is on it’s way into existence as the Shanghai Easi Computer Technology company put together a mini projector that turns any surface into a holographic interface.

Lazertouch works by sending out a laser to detect your finger placement and behavior along a surface. The mini projector is portable but more importantly, it operates on android systems so if you have an android device it can optimize it’s holographic touchscreen accordingly with those devices.

Shanghai Easi is said to have been working on the Lazertouch device for about five years now. They were also awarded several international patents for it too.

It looks as if this technology will mostly be making it’s way into workplaces, offices, and probably even schools, depending on a budget of course. The Indiegogo campaign for the device certainly gears it’s message towards working office environments, and it’s quite noticeable as to how the devices may strive in these types of working environments.

The suggested retail price for the Lazertouch mini projector will be set at $650. For an Indiegogo preorder it will cost $475.

Source: The Verge