14-year-old,Lexie Kendzlic, can NOT stop listening to Drake’s ‘Views.’ She has not created a reaction video to the whole album. Lexi speaks on the different moods she gets in listening to the album and more.

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Lexi got a chance ti absent a few questions about the album.

What’s your favorite track off VIEWS?
My favorite track off of VIEWS right now would have to be “Still Here.” I love the flow and the way he snapped on the track halfway through!

How would you compare this to Drake’s other albums?
I think this album is definitely a lot different from his others. It could very easily be considered one of his best pieces of work, but I think this is not what people were expecting from him. He had a lot to say! I think Take Care is definitely one of his best and is a contender with VIEWS.

What’s the best beat on the album?
I think the best beat on the album is “Hype” for sure! The bass in “Still Here” hits hard too.

Do you have a favorite lyric from the album?
My favorite lyrics from the album would have to be from “Redemption.” “I tell ’em if they ain’t with it then let’s just forget it, relationships slowin’ me down, they slow down the vision, Guess I’m not in a position to deal with commitment, Certain people need to tell me they proud of me, That mean a lot to me.”

What moments on the album brought out your best reactions?
When Drizzy shouted out Rihanna on “Hype.” I got caught off guard, I wasn’t expecting that. I love “Aubrih.”

Check out the reaction below.

Source: Complex