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(Audio) Dame Dash On The Combat Jack Show!

The Combat Jack Show

We at IFWT if nothing are fair, after our Big Guy, Fliggity, said what he had to say on our Major platform, Dame went over to the respectable “Combat Jack Show”, and we know you want to hear it, so here it goes!

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(Video) Usher Asked About Justin Bieber’s Racist Joke

Usher x Justin Bieber

A 4-year old video of Justin Bieber surfaced earlier this week, showing the young pop star making an extremely racist joke. He’s since apologized and tons of his African-American friends have come to his defense to say he’s far from racist, but his mentor Usher doesn’t have much to say about it. Check out what happened what paparazzi asking Ursh about it on the streets in the video below!

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*Updated* Sports: Donald Sterling Files Response To NBA; Vows To ‘Fight To The Bloody End’


Banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling filed a 32-page document in response to the NBA and he’s not going down without a fight.  Go figure.  SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

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(Video) The-Dream Responds To Assault Allegations; Says His Ex Is Lying To Stay In The Country

The Dream turns himself in to NYPD

Yesterday afternoon, The-Dream turned himself into NYPD for felony assault charges that were filed against him by his then-pregnant girlfriend Lydia Nam in 2013. The charges seemed a little fishy from the start as they were filed 7 MONTHS after the alleged incident, and now he’s speaking out on the matter with more details. After posting $20,000 bail, paparazzi caught up with the singer/songwriter as he exited court, and though he remained rather tight-lipped on the situation, he did make sure to add he “definitely” never touched her.

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Floyd Mayweather Takes More Shots at Shantel Jackson & Nelly Responds!

IFWT_floyd shan 1


Geeeez-us.  What the hell happened that made Floyd Mayweather go off like this??  Was it the pic Shantel Jackson posted cuddled with Nelly early this morning???  Well whatever it is, Mayweather hasn’t stopped since.  He first posted up a pic of an ultrasound saying Shantel had an abortion (twins) and then he’s been posting up different pics of Shantel before she allegedly had different surgeries.  Well Nelly took to Twitter to respond.  How does Floyd have time for this with his fight coming up???  Check it all out…

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(Video) Big Sean Hounded By Paparazzi About Breakup: Check Out His Response!


As previously reported, Big Sean and Naya Rivera have ended their engagement, after Sean pulled the plug because Naya is allegedly “too jealous and controlling.” There have also been reports that Sean cheated, as well as stole a Rolex from Naya’s home. None have been confirmed, however, so paparazzi attempted to get a statement from Sean upon his return to LAX with his team. (Hey Zeno, Mike and Nicole! LOL.) Sean ignored 99.9% of the questions – but he did have one thing to add. Find out what he said below!

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(Photos) Lady Gaga Responds To Demi Lovato’s Slam About “Glorifying Eating Disorders”!

Lady gaga responds to demi lovato's slam

Uh-oh, could a beef be brewing in pop land? Recently, Lady Gaga responded to Demi Lovato’s comments about her SXSW performance. Lovato was vocal about her feelings for the SXSW performance, saying it was “glamorizing eating disorders”. To check out Gaga’s response, click below.

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NBA: Perfect Response?! Lil B Reacts To Kevin Durant Saying He Doesn’t Know Who Lil B Is


Well damn, Lil B is really keeping track of this beef huh?!?!  His beef with Kevin Durant resurfaced this past weekend when he dropped  a new diss track.  Reporters asked KD about it & he responded by saying he didn’t know who Lil B is.  Welp, Lil B heard what KD had to say and had a kinda perfect response to it — a simple retweet.  Check it out…

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(Photos) LisaRaye Had This To Say About ‘Single Ladies’ Getting The Red Light!

Lisa Raye

I think i’m still mad that Single Ladies was cancelled, all that eye candy on one show yummmmmmy…oooh ummmm back to the business at hand! Well apparently LisaRaye had a few kind words to say on Instagram! She wanted to thank her fans for tuning in and letting them know that the show must go on, even though Single Ladies got canned. LisaRaye bowed out gracefully, I too wish her the best on what’s to come!

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Is This Daniel Gibson’s Response To Rumors He’s Cheating on Keyshia Cole With Stripper?!


I hate subliminal messages.  Just come out & say it if you have something to say.  Last week fans were talking about Keyshia Cole’s tweets suggesting that her hubby Daniel Gibson cheated on her with a Houston stripper.  Well it seems as though Boobie is responding in his own way.  He took to Twitter & Instagram with messages of his own.  Check it out…

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