IFWT_Xbox Gamertag Change

Ever want a certain gamertag on Xbox, only to find it was already taken? And to make things worse it was taken by an account that hasn’t been active for years. Well get ready because Xbox is making over 1 million of those unused gamertags available again!

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Xbox has been known to give their users the ability to customize their online representation that is known as the Gamertag. But a problem that a lot of gamers face is wanting a gamertag that means a lot to them and looks a certain way, just to find out it’s already been taken.

The demand for good looking gamertags (online aliases) is high on Xbox and many other gaming platform communities. The demand is so serious that there are people who race for gamertags and sell them to people who really desire that gamertag.

Yeah, it’s that serious out here.

But now it looks like Xbox is performing a gamertag bailout by deactivating accounts that haven’t been used for years to free up gamertags for players who are new or are seeking a certain gamertag that is special to them.

Many of these gamertags that Xbox is releasing are coming from accounts that have been around since the original Xbox era. These are accounts that have never even migrated over to Xbox 360 since then!

Starting May 18th @ 11:00am PST, Microsoft will begin releasing these gamertags over a 24-hour period, giving their fans an equal chance at snagging one.

What is your dream gamertag that you’ll be getting?!

Source: Xbox