The irony is just so damn beautiful lol The typa shit you see in the movies.

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Maine resident, Emily Wilson, and her husband got into a little alteration recently. What about, you ask? It was about the husband cheating of course, when is it ever not about that. During the whole scuffle though, Emily Wilson pulled out a gun and shot at their mattress. Her husband also accused his wife on “grabbing his wrist” -.- I’m sure he was in dire pain.

After this we get the funny mugshot in which she coincidently chose to wear a “Stop Domestic Violence” shirt (check out the photo in the gallery).

Her arraignment is on June 6th. And Unfortunately for Wilson, she could possibly spend up to 5 years in prison for the gun firing. All jokes aside, domestic violence is a real issue. No person, woman and especially man, should ever lay their hands on their supposed loved-one. We’re better than this.