I think we can all agree that pretty much every policy that Donald Trump promotes would be catastrophic for this earth. His opinions on global warming, for example, would tell you just that… literally.

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Bernie Sanders, a vocal advocate of using renewable energy, warned us about Donald Trump, saying that Trump believes global warming is a conspiracy theory made by the Chinese lmaooo. See for yourselves:

He warns us though, because he knows Trumps plans.

Wind is killing all of the eagles. The administration fast-tracked wind projects that kill more than a million birds a year. Far more than a million.”

Trump is not meeting face to face with wind turbine companies because they are causing the death of birds. But is that really his reason? Apparently some turbines, if built, would block the views from one of his golf resorts -.- Trump, of course, made these comments after finding out the news, smh.

He says millions of birds will die annually, when in reality 140,000 to 328,000 birds are results of casualties in a year.

Apart, from attacking the wind turbine companies, his environmental approach is from an economic growth point of view, literally why this planet is in such a shit-hole right now. He hopes to expand on coal mining, fracking, and burning oil; hoping that it will generate more jobs that would share the wealth with the common people. Yeah…right. By share the wealth he means, keeping the wealthy, wealthy. Yet another Republican with zero regards to this planet’s environmental issues. When will they ever get it? Probably when the earth is completely gone to shits.