Student unable to receive his high school diploma because he decided to represent his heritage by wearing kente cloth. Is this fair? Click more to check out full story.

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For those who are familiar with how kente cloth looks like, but do not really know the background it is an Ashanti type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Ashanti people.

Student by the name Nyree Holmes recently graduated from Cosumnes Oakes High School in Elk Grove, California was faced torn by what he stood for and receiving his rightfully earned high school diploma.

He was told he had to remove his kente cloth or he would not be able t receive his diplomas with the other students. Holmes explained to the Atlanta Black Star that it was important that he wore this cloth:

“descendant of slaves, I have no firm connection to my roots in Africa.” He continued, I wanted to wear my kente cloth as a representation of my pride in my ancestors, to display my cultural and religious heritage. As my particular cloth was made by Christians in Ghana, where the kente cloth has been worn by royalty and during important ceremonies for hundreds if not thousands of years.”

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