Known for his popular songs and smooth dance moves, as well as his marriage to the late incomparable Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown is finally speaking out. Brown, plans on releasing a memoir, named after is 1988 hit, Every Little Step this month.

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The memoir will reflect on his career, as well as clearing the air on the drug-use and the death of his late ex-wife and daughter. Brown has also taken the time to sit down with ABC News’s Robin Roberts for a special interview set to air tonight at 10pm E/T on 20/20.

One of the biggest mysteries in the entertainment industry was Whitney Houston’s drug use and who’s fault her death was. Brown says, he saw Houston taking a line of cocaine, when peeking in on the Bride to Be minutes before the ceremony. He says her reasoning was taking it for her nerves. For years, most fans believe that Bobby Brown was the culprit behind Houston’s drug abuse. Brown denies starting her, but he does take responsibility for his “part”. Some of the best mysteries go unsolved. Will this be one of them?

Check out the trailer for tonight’s special below.

Source: ABC News