IFWT_Elderly Woman Gets Hit

A female passenger in her 70s sustained a fractured skull when gang of people threw bricks at the Birmingham taxi she was in, her driver claimed. West Midlands Police is re-appealing for information on the attack, which also saw seven cars damaged during a vandalism spree.


The woman had been out enjoying a family member’s birthday and was traveling along Bellevue Road at around 10pm when, what police described as, a stone smashed through a window of the taxi, hitting her on the head. She was taken to hospital where she was treated for a fractured skull. A number of other cars were also damaged after the gang threw stones at passing taxis. Throwing bricks at cars must be the new thing, if so always stay on your toes! If not.. you might just get a brick to the face on your way to work in a cab who probably over charged you anyway.

Source: Youtube