It’s safe to say that Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end, Austin Seferian-Jenkins did not have a good day yesterday. He was thrown out of practice for “not knowing what he was doing” according to coach, Dirk Koetter. Being kicked out of practice is bad enough but then Austin decided to look at social media afterwards and saw fans questioning his talent and commitment. It was at that point he made the mistake of not ignoring it and instead let his fingers do the talking for him. By the time he was done, he had threatened numerous people, told many fans that he was going to sleep with their wife/girlfriend or already did and most importantly probably made his coaches even more annoyed with him.


It all started with this, as coach Koetter literally gave him the “you’re outta here” sign that baseball umpires gives to managers or players when they toss them from a game. Jenkins is #87

Wasn’t long after when he was on twitter and made things worse. Check the gallery to see all the back & forth tweets. I’m not going to say Austin is wrong for any of this because Lord knows how fans on twitter can talk and be disrespectful but he is the one in a position with something to lose and the coaching staff of the Bucs will not like how he reacted after leaving practice.