After years of rumors, the secret is out and confirmed that Passion of The Christ will have it’s sequel.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Writer Randall Wallace told The Hollywood Reporter, Gibson – who directed the first film – would be returning as well. The sequel will be based around the resurrection of Jesus Christ..if you saw the first film, it end’s with Jesus dying, but coming back to life and the sequel is set to pick up right where it left off.

The first film, many years ago, was rated by THR one of the top 10 most blasphemous films of all time and also earned $612 Million at the box office, eclipsing it’s $30 Million budget. The “controversial” film was the highest grossing R-rated film, until Deadpool broke that record this year.

Wallace, a religion major, said he is specifically knowledgable about the ressurection and is excited for part two:

“I always wanted to tell this story. The Passion is the beginning and there’s a lot more story to tell. The evangelical community considers The Passion the biggest movie ever out of Hollywood, and they kept telling us that they think a sequel will be even bigger.”

No release date is even close so this is just the breaking news, as Wallace is still writing the script.