During the fourth quarter of last night’s game, Lebron James and Draymond Green got into a small altercation that Lebron seemed to not want to let go of. Draymond even tried to walk away but Bron kept jawing at him. From watching the videos, it started when Lebron tried to step over Green as he laid on the court and he didn’t like that so he gave Lebron a cheap shot below the belt and apparently said something to really set Lebron off. During the post game presser, Bron explained with some details as to what happened.


On one of the videos, you can see Lebron telling Draymond “Don’t call me p***y” a couple times but Dave McMenamin of ESPN also reported that Green called Lebron “bitch” a couple times and that was what set it off.

Draymond was also asked about the incident after the game and he replied by saying he reacted that way to Lebron because he was disrespectful by stepping over him. He did also go on to say that he respects Lebron and this is the type of stuff that should be expected in the playoffs.