So there’s been a meme circulating that’s comparing Mariah Carey and Demi Lovato’s BFF Ariana Grande. I guess Demi Lovato was not feeling the meme and had to comment.

Andrea Maria Instagram
The meme has two pictures one of Mariah and the other of Ariana and above the picture it says

“When you order it online vs. when it arrives”,

Demi didn’t not like it and commented saying

“You got it the wrong way around honey”

she also said

“Mariah is a legend and is so talented but constantly dissed people. It’s nasty the way she treats Jennifer. Ari did nothing wrong.”

Demi also praises Jennifer Lopez for the way she handles Mariah Carey’s Shade. I feel the same way, she so talented but you stay dissing people that’s not worrying about you and she’s grown, idk let me know what ya think? Did Demi over do it though?

Source Bossip