(Photo) Mariah Carey Joined In With A Fan To Shade J.Lo


Mariah Carey is known for her J.Lo shade. Carey claims that she does not know who J.Lo is even tho, Jenny from the block says otherwise.

(Photos): Mariah Carey Brings Back Her Alter-Ego


Guess who decided to spark some nostalgia for her fans by doing the unexpected….Mariah Carey brings back her alter-ego…Bianca. Check out here photos

Mariah Carey’s Body Parts Are Worth $70 Million Dollars


You know youre the ish’ when your body parts are worth some serious money. Mariah Carey’s vocal cords and hamstrings are pretty expensive. The singer is insured for $70 MILLION dollars.

(Video) Mariah Carey’s Sister Pleads For Help


Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey, has taken a different approach to reach out to her sister for help. On video, we can see Alison pleading out for her sister’s help. Not only is Alison a recovering drug addict but she is also HIV positive.

(Audio) Nick Cannon Drops A Song About Mariah Carey

richard pryor's son speaks on nick cannon being in biopic

Nick Cannon has just dropped a song about Mariah Carey. Hmm, does this mean that Nick still has feelings for her or what?

Mariah Carey Warned Not To Perform In Brussels


After the terror attack that took place in Brussels today, security has been locking down places left and right. This morning we learned, ISIS has taken responsibility for the attacks. Mariah Carey was scheduled to do a concert Sunday for her birthday. Her security team is “strongly against” the show due to the recent attack which is understandable.

(Video) Petty Wap: Mariah Carey Still Denies Knowing Jennifer Lopez


Mariah Carey is still showing her dislike for Jennifer Lopez by saying she has no clue who she is. We recently heard J.Lo address the statement on Wendy Williams’s show. Carey is now re-confirming the statement.

Jennifer Lopez Addresses Mariah Carey Shade: “She’s Forgetful, I Guess!”


Mariah Carey is known for being a bit of a shady lady during her red carpet interviews when asked about other celebrities. After gushing over Beyonce in an interview from 2002, when asked about her interest in Jennifer Lopez, Carey offered a staunch, “I don’t know her.” Carey has been Queen Shade when it comes to her musical peers for a while, but now it looks as if J. Lo is here to throw it all right back. This past week on the Wendy Williams Show, Jen stopped by to dish on her home life raising 8-year-old twins, career moves post-American Idol, and her highly publicized Las Vegas residency. On the latter, she says that she was able to check out a few of the shows before signing her own show deal, but that she hadn’t gotten to see Mariah, as she wasn’t performing at that time. “Who? No, I’m playing. That’s what Mariah said about Jennifer one time,” says Wendy. Playing on Mariah‘s own ability to play dumb, Jennifer replies, “She does say that. She’s forgetful I guess. We’ve met many times. I don’t know, I don’t know her that well.” Zing! See it all go down below at the 13:26 mark.

(Video) Royalty: Mariah Carey Gets Wheeled Around Vegas Because Her Feet Hurt


A video surfaced the internet of Mariah Carey being wheeled around Vegas. The singer claims that her feet were hurting from the heels that she had on. Ladies we can all relate to how our feet feel after a long night of walking in heels.

Mariah Carey Praises Rihanna In New Interview + Says She Hasn’t Heard Adele’s “Hello”

ifwt_Rihanna x Mariah Carey

Rihanna has always praised Mariah Carey as one of her biggest influences, so she will be delighted to hear the kind things Mimi said about her in her latest interview! Chatting with the Breakfast Xpress morning show in South Africa, a high-spirited Mariah spoke on her recent engagement (though declining to give details on how it happened, as she wants to keep the moment personal,) loving Scandal and more, and even throws a little shade the Kardashians’ way as she changes the subject when they’re brought up. As for Rih, Mariah said she’s “cool, amazing and really talented,” adding that she loves her. How sweet! On Adele, she said that she hasn’t heard her smash hit “Hello,” simply because she’s focused on her own music. It’s no shade to her at all, though, because it’s long been known that Mariah does not listen to the radio, so add that with the likelihood that she’s not on social media much either (since she probably has a team that run her accounts for her,) and it’s quite easy to not have heard it! Check out the full interview below.

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