(Photos) Mariah Carey Takes A NASTY Dive On The Stairs Of Billionaire Boo’s Fancy Yacht


Mariah Carey might be a beast on the microphone, but she seems to be a little clumsy when walking in heels! The songbird was lounging on her billionaire boo James Packer’s fancy yacht when she took a nasty fall going down the stairs (yet still looking super classy while doing so.) Things could have gotten really nasty and resulted in a painful injury but luckily for Mariah, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Maybe she had a few too many drinks but that’s neither here nor there. Being that MiMi’s residency in Vegas starts on July 8th, she only has a few more days to soak up the sun and enjoy the lavish yacht life with her new hubby.

Take a look at some flicks from Mariah’s nasty fall in the gallery.

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So THIS Is How Nick Cannon Feels About Mariah Carey’s New Billionaire Bae!


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s relationship may have bit the dust after two beautiful children and a long marriage, but both parties seem to be doing just fine now that things have calmed down. In fact, Mariah already moved on and found herself an extremely rich billionaire boo who already is talking about getting hitched with the legendary singer.

As for Nick, he’s actually in a great place. “Nick is doing really well in his personal life and he just wants Mariah to be happy. He feels as long as his kids are in good hands, he will support any decision Mariah makes,” said a source close to Nick. “Mariah will always be in Nick’s life that will never change. It makes Nick happy that Mariah is in a great place in her life between work and love. He will always love her and support her know matter what happen between their relationship in the past.”

See, there is hope to be civil with your ex!

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Already?! Mariah Carey & Her New Rich Boo Are Talking Marriage!


After a pretty public and semi-nasty divorce from ex-husband Nick Cannon, R&B legend Mariah Carey seems to have moved on rather fast. In fact, not only is her billionaire boo James Packer completely infatuated with Mariah, but it seems that the two have been talking marriage already! Although they have only been dating for a short period of time, Packer confessed to Carey that he wants to tie the knot with her “sooner than later.”

However, the real issue stopping the two from getting hitched is the fact she is still technically married to Nick Cannon. As soon as the divorce is 100% finalized, I have the feeling we’ll be hearing wedding bills ringing very, very soon.

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(Fellas Check The 18+ Pics!) Mariah Has A Wardrobe Malfunction & Exposes Her Breasts!

Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction

Mariah Carey has moved on from Nick Cannon, and following in the footsteps of fellow diva Janet Jackson, Mimi has bagged herself a billionaire boo!

47-year-old James Packer is the fourth wealthiest person in Australia at a networth of $4.6 billion, thanks to the media company he sold and the string of hotels and casinos around Australia and other countries that he now owns.

The pair are now vacationing on James‘ yacht off the coast of Sardina, but during the trip, Mimi had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction – and of course the paparazzi caught it on their cameras ASAP! Check out her nip slip in the gallery.

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That Good, Good: Mariah Carey’s Billionaire Boo Is Completely Smitten Over Her!


It seems like Mariah Carey made a huge upgrade in her life with her new billionaire Australian boo. In fact, her new boyfriend is so obsessed with her that he invited everyone on his yacht just to listen to her music the entire time because he loves her THAT much. James Packer, who according to Forbes is one of the richest men in Australia, threw the ultimate party for Ms. Carey off the coast of Sardinia. Of course, the entertainment consisted of Mariah, Mariah and then some more Mariah.

According to sources, he’s been pursuing her for the longest and finally snatched her up. Sources also revealed that they got serious almost immediately and that they’re both looking for something long-term and real. Congrats to these two!

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(Photo) Mariah Carey Moved On To Dating A Millionaire !


Mariah Carey is seen out and about with a new man. Could he be a new boo? We are pretty sure it is, especially when we found out he has billionaire pockets!

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(Photos) Mariah Carey Has A New Boo And His Pockets Are Deep!

Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been legally seperated for a couple of months now following their very public break up. Now it seems like they have both moved on. We got pictures of Mariah’s new boo and you’ll never believe how much he’s worth.

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(Photo) Nick Cannon Spotted In Disney With New GirlFriend


Nick Cannon spotted in Disney with New Girlfriend. First speculators tried to piece together pictures to confirm that it was in fact Nick Cannon holding hands with the alleged new flame. After comparing hats and clothes it was confirmed yup !! That’s Nick spotted in Disney, but who is the lucky lady ? Check out the pictures and see for yourself.

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(Video) Mariah Carey – Infinity


Mariah Carey drop’s a visual for her song “Infinity”. Take a look below.

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Mariah Carey Says American Idol is ‘Fake’ and ‘The Worst Experience’


Mariah Carey did not hold back when asked about American Idol in a recent interview. Judging by her answers she’s not still not a fan of the popular singing competition which she was a judge for back in 2013. In her interview on an Australian radio station she said the show was ‘boring’ and ‘fake.’

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