At the ripe young age of 14, New York native Roxanne Shante rose to fame after making a reply record to U.T.F.O.’s 1984 hit, “Roxanne, Roxanne,” at the encouragement of DJ Mister Magic, Tyrone Williams and Marley Marl. “Roxanne’s Revenge” became a huge smash and launched her career, along with a huge “Roxanne War” in NYC. She eventually retired and later revealed she’d went on to get a Ph.D – which ended up being exposed as a lie.

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Now Forest Whitaker is set to co-produce Roxanne Roxanne, which will delve into the Roxanne wars, specifically that of Roxanne Shante’s. The film will also feature actors playing Kurtis Blow, Biz Markie, a young Nas and many other hip-hop pioneers. No further info is available, but we’ll keep you updated!

Source: Showbiz411 via GG