Bodycam and dashcam footage caught a vicious brawl between a K9 and a man wielding a knife trying to stab a police dog. The man was fatally shot after attempting murder.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

A Kentwood police officer who fatally shot a man in April will not face charges, after the suspect died from his injuries later in the hospital. The suspect Gulley, fled a home before officers arrived. He was seen by an officer at Edington Drive and Breton Road, when officers responded to the area and confronted him. Gulley had a knife in his possession and made threatening statements. After multiple attempts to take him into custody, he continued to resist arrest and Forsyth says Officer Cline knew Gulley was dangerous. “He knows he stabbed somebody, he knows he fled the scene, he knows he’s told him numerous times to drop the knife and said just shoot me, so he’s acting irrational.” Gulley made threatening movements towards the officers and was than shot by Officer Cline.