In 2016, cheating has gotten really creative. How far would you go to cover up your affair? A Miami Bartender really did herself in with this one.

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Karla Vasquez, 32, a strip club bartender made up quite the lie, which landed her in a cold pair of cuffs. She faked her abduction to her husband in order to go out with another man. Vasquez tricked her husband, Daniel into believing that she’d been taken from their home, in their car.

At approximately 4:30am, Vasquez phoned her husband at work, telling him that she’d needed his help. He didn’t think she was serious. Not until an hour later when he got a text message from Karla. She was still requesting his help and called him describing the supposed “abductors” coming toward their home. Daniel rushed home to find an empty house and no car. He called 911.

Police located the missing vehicle and Karla’s cellphone by using GPS signals. Cops saw the vehicle around 3:00pm being driven by Vasquez. They arrested her for falsely reporting a crime. Vasquez revealed she’d never went home after work but instead went out to several places with another man. She then decided to sleep over at his place. She can’t be serious. All of that just to cheat? It’s not that deep. Now you’ve a record and you’re busted for cheating. Check out the video below.

Source: NY Daily News