(Video) Woman Fakes Abduction To Cover Up Cheating

In 2016, cheating has gotten really creative. How far would you go to cover up your affair? A Miami Bartender really did herself in with this one.

A New York Law Prohibits Bartenders From Refusing To Give Pregnant Women Drinks

New York has just passed a new law. The law states that bartenders are no longer allowed to refuse to give pregnant women drinks. The rule is made for the simple fact that there is no more discrimination in bars.

(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! White Girl Taught Me Got A*s For Days!

Fellas, check out everyone’s favorite Startender @WhiteGirlTaughtMe over in the gallery with her curves on FLEEK!

BRUH, Really? Bartender Claims Jeremih Tipped HOW Much On A $1800 Tab?

So I find this story funny for my own personal reasons but this is out of control if it is 100% factual. A bartender who works at the well-known King of Diamond’s strip club in Miami took to her Twitter account after a long night of work to put R&B crooner Jeremih on BLAST. She says the club comped five bottles for the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer, which would have ran him a nice $1800 if he had to actually pay. However, she is saying that all he tipped her was $19! Really dawg, not even a full $20? SMH!!!!!!!!! And it’s not even like she’s ugly because the chick is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Let’s not forget the fact that Jeremih has gotten into himself into a bunch of other messy situations so far this month including his beer bottle tossing incident at Fuddruckers that could still land him in jail and getting arrested at Newark Airport. I find this hilarious because I personally know a bunch of girls who are constantly fighting over him. Ha, let’s hope he’s a little more generous when it comes to dating, ladies! If not, y’all are just a mess for that one. I am SLEEP though! *Sips on tea with Kermit and minds my damn business.* Check out the tweets in the gallery along with some flicks of the bartender who is blasting Jeremih for being a cheapo!

In Today’s SMH Chronicles: Amanda Bynes Wants To Work WHERE?!

Looks like former troubled Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has a new career path in mind. After just leaving yet another psychiatric ward, Bynes expresses how she wants to “live a normal life” and become a bartender. She knows that since she’s famous (for all the wrong reasons at this point) that she’ll attract tons of people to whichever bar decides to give her a job. The thing is she’s in desperate need of the money because she no longer has access to her $5.7 million due to her conservatorship and is only allowed $50-$100 a day. She also needs the moolah to get plastic surgery because according to Bynes, she feels as if she’s extremely “ugly.” Can someone say Hotmess.com?!

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Oh My GOD! Heather Bianchi Shows Off That CAKE CAKE CAKE

Heather Bianchi gears up for work and shows off that CAKE behind the bar. Peep her booty in the gallery!

(Photo + Video) Ouch!! Bartender Sets Man’s Face On Fire While Making Him A Drink!!

This took place in Lithuania. A bartender was preparing a “Flaming Lamborghini” cocktail for a patron, when she messed up and set a man’s face on fire. If you didn’t know, A Flaming Lamborghini consists of sambuca and kahlua which is then lit on fire and drank quickly through a straw while it’s still on fire, the drink is then doused with a shot each of Baileys and blue curacao which is then also drunk. See both the video and the unfortunate man’s face after the jump.

(Check The Pics!) Sexy & Hustlin’: Get To Know @S0Blessed!

If you’re on Instagram and haven’t started following @S0Blessed yet, you are missing out! The model/bartender/host is not only absolutely gorgeous with a CRAZY body to match, but she’s also a student and a mother to her 7-year-old son. Find out Bianca Narbona’s story below and make sure to check out her super sexy flicks over in the gallery!

(Check The Pics!) Sexy & Hustlin’: Get To Know Jenna Vieve!

This Jewish princess is the true definition of both brains and beauty! Model/bartender Jenna Vieve not only has the nightlife scene on smash, but she’s also living out her life-long dream of becoming an on-air personality. Click below to find out a little more about Jenna and make sure to check out her sexy flicks in the gallery!

(Photos) Fighting Words: Lore’l Gets Into NASTY Twitter Beef With 50 Cent & Tatted Up Holly Over WHAT?

WELP, sh*t just got real on Twitter. Former Love & Hip Hop femcee Lore’L fired shots at 50 Cent on Twitter for wifing up bartender/model Tatted Up Holly, basically calling him a sell-out. After the two females shared a few (not nice) words, Fif got involved and it all just turned REALLY ugly from there. Grab some popcorn and check out the drama filled Twitter war in the gallery!

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