SMH. It’s not surprising that this was an immediate response. When you push that type of xenophobic energy, its bound to come back and hurt you in some way. And the increase in hate crimes is just the beginning for the U.K.

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The U.K. on a weekly basis generates 63 hate crimes per week. That norm itself is eye-opening. But to make matters much worse, since the Brexit vote occurred about a week ago (*Shmurda voice* week ago), they calculated a whopping 331 amount of hate crimes. Mostly, if not exclusively, these crimes have gone against Muslims and Eastern Europeans. And it looks like its not going to slow down. These crimes range from verbal to physical altercations. Altercations like…

A hate crime doesn’t have to result in an altercation though. For instance, police have been trying to catch a someone in the Huntingdon area who was giving out leaflets that said…

In response to the amount of hate crimes Sara Thornton, chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council said,

“I have been shocked and disgusted at some of the cases of racial or anti-immigrant abuse that have been reported this week. Migrants are reporting verbal abuse, negative social media commentary including xenophobic language, anti-migrant leafleting and, in very limited numbers, physical assaults.”

The U.K. is in turmoil, we can only hope it gets better but its sure isn’t looking like it.