Lebron James has the money to pay for pretty much anything he wants in this world. Years of NBA salaries and off the court endorsements, combined with smart business decisions has made Lebron a very, very rich man. Just because he has access to the money however, doesn’t mean he likes to spend it. That’s how the rich stay rich, except Lebron’s moments of “being savvy” don’t really make much sense. Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union put him on blast during their appearance with Kelly Ripa.


Ripa asked who is the cheapest player they know and there was no hesitation to throw Bron under the bus. According to Dwyane & Gabby, Lebron has no problem throwing money in for yachts and private planes but he draws the line on data roaming and wifi.

If there’s no WiFi, you can place your bets that James isn’t on his phone. Yes. James is renting a yacht in Spain and flew there privately, but sure as heck isn’t about to pay surcharges for international data usage.

We all have our limits I guess.