Shade alert….kind of. During a Reddit AMA Waka was asked a few things – one of being why he wasn’t at Gucci’s homecoming concert and also what he thinks of Desiigner. His responses were both straight to the point and hilariously honest.

Frankie Zing

When Waka was asked “How come you weren’t at the Gucci and Friends show?” (the homecoming concert Gucci Mane held on Friday night), Flocka responded with, “because I’m not a friend.” Guess that says it all.

Then he was asked about Brooklyn’s latest star due to “Panda” fame, Desiigner, he simply replied with “FBG”. Guessing like a lot of people he’s not here for the imitation.

He went on to answer questions including the status of the long awaited Flockaveli 2, to which he says it’s coming this winter. But, after a flurry of continuous false hope (due to the label according to Waka), who knows if that will happen. Click here to see the full Reddit AMA.